Recipe & Cooking Tips - Steemo Multi Stam Cooker (English)


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Cooking Time25-30  Mins. 
IngredientsBaby new potatoes1 Kg
 Fresh mint spring1
 Mint sauce1 tsp
 Butter3 tbsp
  Spring onions (chopped)1 bunch
 White vinegar1 tbsp
 Salt & pepperto taste


Method : Scrub the potatoes with the skins on. Place in the steaming jar with the mint spring. Cover and steam until tender, turning halfway through cooking.
Heat butter in a pan and stir in the spring onions, vinegar, salt, pepper and mint sauce.
Place the cooked potatoes in a warmed serving dish and pour over the hot dressing. Serve immediately. (Could be served cold.)

Vegetable Salad

Cooking Time10-12  Mins. 
IngredientsPotatoes250 gms
 French beans100 gms
 Shelled Peas250 gms
 Mayonnaise Sauce1½ Cup
 Salt to Tast


Method : 1. Peel the potatoes and cut them into small Cubes double the size of beans.
2. Cut the french beans and carrots into 1-cm size cubes.
3. Steam all items in STEEMO for 10-12 minutes.
4. Cool and mix all the vegetables in salad bowl and add mayonnaise sauce.
5. Mix well and serve cold.

Szechun Bean Sprout Salad

Cooking Time10-12 Mins. 
IngredientsMix sprouts500 gms
 Soya Sauce3 tbsp
 White Vinegar1 tbsp
 Sugar1 tbsp
 Sesame oil½ tbsp
 French beans100 gms
 Paneer150 gms
 Red Pepper or 


Method : 1. Cut the French beans length wise or diagonally into fine long strips.
2. Steam French beans and sprouts in STEEMO for 10-12 minutes.
3. Cut the red pepper into juliennes fine, long strips.
4. Cut paneer into matching fine long strips.
5. Add the sprouts, French beans juliennes to the salad bowl. Toss well together to coat them with the dressing.
6. Cover the bowl and chill for 20 mins.
7. Arrange the salad on a platter or flat serving dish.
8. Garnish with paneer strips and red pepper.

Russian Salad

Cooking Time10-12 Mins. 
IngredientsPeas1 Cup
 Potatoes cut into cubes1 Cup
 Cabbage coarsely shredded½ Cup
 Cabbage finely shredded1 Cup
 Cuccunder cut into cubes2 Nos.
 French beans finely chopped½ Cup
 Mayonnaise2 Cup
 Salt to taste


Method : 1. Put peas, Potatoes, French beans and Coarse cut cabbage in
STEEMO and Steam for 10-12 mins.
2. Mix all Vegetables in a Salad bowl.
3. Sprinkle salt and pepper.
4. Fold the mayonnaise into vegetables and mix.
5. Serve Chilled.

Mushroom Parfait

Cooking Time25 Mins. 
Ingredients :Mushroom500 g
 Pepper5 g
 Hung Curd*100 g
 Bay leaf2 nos
 Gared10 g
 Pepper Corn5 nos
 Onion20 g
 Celery**5 g
 SaltA pinch


Method :1. Clean Mushroom very thoroughly.
2. Coarsely chop Mushroom, Garlic and Onion.
3. Put Bay leaf, Pepper Corn, Celery in Soup Tray.
4. Put Chopped items in STEEMO and Steam for 25 mins.
5. Cool and chop till evenly fine.
6. Blend with hung yoghurt, salt and pepper.
7. Chill the mixture.
Serve as a starter.
* Put Curd into a muslin cloth and hang for about ½ hr.
** Green onions with long stalks.

Rice Idli / Vegetable Idli

Cooking Time10-15 Mins. 
IngredientsRice (brown sela)/idli rawa300 g
 Urad dal100 g
 Saltto taste


Method :Wash and soak rice in water for 3 to 4 hours and dal for 1-2 hours. Grind dal to soft fluffy paste. Grind rice to the consistency of fine rawa. Mix both, add salt and enough water to get a batter of medium thickness. Allow to ferment overnight. Put water in the reservoir of the main body and plug on the unit into Electrical Socket. 
Grease idli mould stand with little oil. Pour mixture in the stand. Steam in STEEMO for 10-15 minutes. When done, serve hot with chutney and sambhar. For Vegetables Idli add grated carrot and peas to the batter just before pouring the batter in the Idli Stand.

Note : For idli boil the water first to make steam and then only put the Idli Stand in the jar to cook for the time mentioned.

Rava Idli

Cooking Time15 Mins. 
 Sour Curd1cup
 Salt1 tsp
 Oil1 tbsp
 Mustard seeds1 tsp
 Channa dal2 tsp
 Urad dal2 tsp 
 Few springs curry leaves broken into small pieces, 
 Coriander leaves chopped1tbsp
 Green chilli finely chopped1no.
 Soda bi-carbonate1/4 tsp


Method :Method : In a heavy pan lightly roast rava, stirring constantly, till it changes colour (not to brown). Mix together roasted rava, curd, salt and water. Cover and keep the batter aside for 2 hours. Heat oil in pan. Add mustard seeds. Add channa dal and urad dal. Stir for a few seconds till the dals become golden in colour. Allow to cool. Mix in the rava batter. Add curry leaves, coriander leaves & green chillies. Mix well.
Just before making idlis : Add soda bi-carbonate to the rava batter and mix. Put the batter in greased idli stands. Place the idli stand in the steaming jar. Place upper cover on top of the steaming jar. Steam in Steemo for 15 minutes.


Cooking Time15 Mins. 
IngredientsSooji2 cups
 Turmerica pinch
 Curd1 cup
 Sugar1 tsp
 Ginger Juliennen25 gms
 Eno Fruit Salt1½ tsp
 Salta pinch
 Tamarind Extract/Lemon juice2 tsp
 Oil2 tsp
 Mustard  seed20 gms
 Curry leaves


Method :1. Rub little oil to sooji and leave aside for 10 mins.
2. Make a thick batter by adding a cup of curd, ginger strips (Juliennen), salt, turmeric, sugar, Eno fruit salt along with sooji.
3. Immediately pour this thick batter into a greased container. Cover with silver foil and pierce a small hole.
4. Steam them in the STEEMO for 15 mins.
5. When done, serve with tamarind or lemon juice. A tempering (tadka) of curry leaves and sarson may be sprinkled on Dhokla.


Cooking  Time10-15 Mins.  
IngredientsRice powder500 grams 
 Groundnut oil1 tsp 
 Salt1 pinch 
 For Filling  
 Grated coconuts2 nos. 
 Jaggery/sugar1 Kg. 
 Cardamom powder1 tsp. 
 Ghee1½ tb. sp. 
 Raisins25 Nos.


Method :1. Heat water in a thick bottomed pan. Quantity of water to be used is 1½ times volume of rice powder.
2. When the water boils, add salt and oil. Then add all the rice powder.
3. Stir well till no lumps remain. Lower the heat and cook for a few minutes.
4. When the mixture is a little cool, make small balls.
For Filling :
1. In 1½ tbsp., fry grated coconut.
2. Add sugar and the raisins.
3. Cook and stir till mixture is dry (15 mins.)
4. Cool.
Take the stuffing and put in the ball and shape it like a modak, i.e. a ball with a pinch on top.
Put Modak in STEEMO and steam for 10-15 minutes. Serve hot.


Cooking Time20 Mins. 
IngredientsMushroom Parfait mixture (without hung curd)/ 
 Chicken minced200 g
 Chopped green onions50 g
 Chopped green chillies5 g
 Salta pinch
 Agino motoa pinch
 Oil1 tsp
 Chopped coriander10 gms
 Cabbage1 no.


Method :1. Separate out the leaves of cabbage.
2. Put in STEEMO and steam for 3 mins. till leaves are limp.
3. Put 50 g chicken mince in each leaf.
4. Shape into a round ball.
5. Put back into STEEMO and steam for 20 mins. Serve hot.