Multi Steam Cooker Polycarbonate Transparent with Non Stop Soup Maker

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Steam Cooker Features

  • Unbreakable Poly Carbonate Food Grade 2 Tier Jars, Lid & Soup Cum Sprout Maker.
  • Food Grade Body, Kadai, Egg & Idli Tray.
  • Spl. 60 Min. Auto Stop Timer with facility to switch off manually.
  • Aluminum Pressure Die Casted Without Air Gap 600W Heater 230V.
  • Double Ceramic Preset Thermostat for Dry Run Protection with Indicator & with Ultimate Uniform Temp. No Time Delay Technology for accurate cut-off.
  • Also available in 110V. for USA & CANADA


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Multi-Steam Cooker Polycarbonate Transparent with Non-Stop Soup Maker

A multi steam cooker is a new kind of kitchen appliance which allows you to cook two dishes at a time. This means you can have your meal ready in half the time it would take to cook everything individually. In addition, since the steam cooker uses less energy than a conventional oven, it saves you money on your electricity bill!

1. STEEMO Steam Cooker can be used to sterilize milk bottles and napkins of your little ones.
2. You can steam napkins for cleaning hands before meals.
3. Steam can directly be taken by a person suffering from a cold.

Steaming is the most Cooking method using the natural convection of heat traveling in the air. Steam Cooking Makes food Most Hygienic, Healthy, Rich in Taste & Appearance. A far higher level of Nutrients, Vitamins & Minerals with the Lowest Calories is retained than by other cooking methods. Can be used as Food Warmer to retain the original taste of the refrigerated food.

Product Description :

This is from our own brand STEEMO. It provides 30 Seconds Turbo Steam Generator which Saves Time & Electricity. 100 Degree Steam Produced In just 30 seconds ( instead of other models available in the market where one has to add extra waiting time in the cooking time as mentioned in cooking procedures which is approximately 5 – 7 Minutes to let the water boil first and then cooking starts so every time waste of valuable time & electricity. ) It has an aluminum pressure die casted heater, (the best technology) that means no air gap resulting in a very long life. (Unlike other manufacturers using old compression fit technology, where air gap can have red hot spot resulting into very short life.) It has got double ceramic thermostats with company presser cut-off temperature settings for accurate dry run protection. ( Unlike most others who are using the old open type thermostat used in old models of electric press manually set in each pc, to cut down the price thus compromising in safety. ) The best Food Grade material used, so again ahead

1 review for Multi Steam Cooker Polycarbonate Transparent with Non Stop Soup Maker

  1. Rahul vohra

    This is an extraordinary product with multiple features with a more-or-less compact frame and even though it slightly on the higher side, an entire meal can be readied in 20 mins with this, along with 10 mins to cut all the ingredients!!! When I bought it, only the plastic version was available and not the steel one: this is the only drawback…
    But I recommend this to all my friends and my fellow passionate cooks…

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