No More Electrical Deaths

Protect Your Family & Industry Against Shock, Electrocution, Electrical Fires, Overload & Short Circuits
Ideal In Every Electrical Installation Including Domestic, Industrial, Hospitals, High-rise Buildings, etc. & for Machine Tools, Airconditioners, Deep Freezers, Computer, Electronic Power Supplies.

Electricity has the capacity to harm human beings; even causing death from electric shocks and can also result in fire. True, there are devices like fuses and MCBs, which provide protection against overload and short circuits. These devices, however, are incapable of sensing currents of small magnitude, like the currents which pass through the human body and therefore, are unable to provide any protection against electric shock.

What is needed is a protective device, which will sense such small magnitudes (in milli-amperes) of current and ensure that in the event this in the event this current (leakage) exceeds the limits, the electric supply is cut off instantly.  The Solution is an Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker (also known as RCCBs). LIFE SAVER* ELCB A Device Designed to Prevent Death or Injury from an Electrical Shock!

electricity shock on boy life saver

Safety from Electrocution

Whenever electricity passes through the human body, an electrical shock is experienced and if the duration of the shock or the current flowing through the body is large, a fatality can occur. When the shock through a human body is more than the calibrated current i.e., 30 mA at high sensitivity, the LIFE SAVER at that moment automatically cuts off power supply thus preventing electrical deaths. Tripping Time Less Than 30 Milli Seconds.

Fire Risk Protection

A continuous flow of leakage current going undetected over a period can create “Hot Spots” and fire may start from these “hot spots”. Short Circuits or Overload also cause fire. LIFE SAVER detects the leakage current as well as short circuits or overloads and cuts off the supply before any real danger of fire could arise.

Unique Features of LIFE SAVER

1. Adjustable Sensitivity 2. By-Pass Arrangement 3. Ideal for Indian Wiring Conditions 4. Eliminates Faulty Wiring
LIFE SAVER is installed after electric meter in place of fuses or main switch & through this full premises is protected from electrical misshappenings and is available in 16 AMP to 200 AMP, single phase & three phase with 10 mA to 300 mA sensitivity.

steemo life saver protect your life and more
steemo life saver protect your life and more
steemo life saver protect your life and more